Every Institute Focuses On Some Niche

A niche means denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

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Some focus on making you write notes

And that’s obvious. Writing notes is your birthright.

Some Focus on completing syllabus

Ohh! Managing curriculum is what makes them successful

Ignore them

upsc civil services books

But We Focus On something that works

Answer Writing

Because this is what makes or brakes the possibility of your rank in the list

Current Affairs

Because this constitutes 80% of your course syllabus..

Essay Writing

Because this is what has ability to push your rank up in the same list


Preliminary Course

Blitz IAS covers all the facets of the preliminary examination focusing on the concepts, subject knowledge, and current affairs. We provide one of the best training and support in the industry in an environment which is full of motivation, courage.

Mains Preparation

Blitz IAS takes the mains preparation very seriously and have developed the different approaches for the different papers of mains. A special focus has been given to the development of answer writing skills.

Current Affairs

Blitz IAS is known for its current affairs programs. Our current affairs team works hard to compile each news in an analytical way required to clear the exam. The recent trend of the civil services examination is drastically shifting towards

This is how we are creating our own niche in civil services preparation

Focusing On Capacity Build Up

It comes with practice. Remember practice makes you follow a lean approach to completing things

Focusing On Answer Writing

The whole game of mains is dependent upon how many answers you write before the exam

Focusing On Solving Questions

Yes you did prepare thoroughly but didn't focus on practice, you will fail.

Focusing On Prioritizing Things

100s of blogs, 1000s of notes 10000 of advisers. You need to filter out chaos. Because chaos is a ladder!

Focusing On Preparing Less

The repeated revisions of concrete measurable things will do the things for you.

Focusing On Understanding Syllabus

Though it's ending here! but it should start first.

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