Answer Writing For UPSC Exam

The Art of Answer Writing


Every IAS aspirant out there is greatly concerned about ‘answer writing’ in the Mains of Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by UPSC. Those candidates who excel answer writing and have command over the relevant skills, generally pass this elite exam. Thus, how much you read and remember does not matter but how you present your knowledge that too in a proper way and convincing manner does matter the most. An art of answer writing hence has to be paid great and serious attention if you are aiming for the top notch jobs in our country.

Most of the time, we hear in IAS aspirants community that –

        “I had knowledge of what was asked in that particular question but I couldn’t write effectively on the paper…

        “I attempted the paper very well but didn’t qualify for personality test…

        “Had I practiced answer writing well before the mains exam, I would have earned a few more marks and good rank too in a final list…, etc.

You also must have developed such type of thoughts if you have appeared for mains earlier. Cracking Preliminary Test is literally a primary step; it’s just segregation of serious and non-serious aspirants. The ‘Mains’ is the main exam in itself and answer writing is a major of it.

Answer writing strategy

There is no ‘one size fits all’ method as a strategy for answer writing in IAS exam. There are a few elements that you have to keep in mind while writing the descriptive type answers and yes the most important part is practice; ‘practice makes a man perfect’!

·        Using proper language and diagrams wherever needed

·        Forming a good structure for your answer

·        Choosing paragraph/point format that suits and will appeal the evaluator

·        Maintaining word limit

·        Time management, etc.

Apart from the above, you have to understand what question demanded and differentiate the questions which ask to –

·        Explain/Discuss/Comment

·        Analyze/Critically examine

·        Distinguish/Contrast

·        Describe/Justify/Advocate

·        Elucidate/Exemplify/Elaborate/Expand/Illustrate

This is all folks! And remaining is practice! We can say if anyone is serious about the preparation then there should be a dedicated time for answer writing in a schedule in a timely manner say weekly. One has to start practicing writing and getting it evaluated from a resource person/guide quite from the beginning of the preparation. You can’t wait on the pretext of incomplete study; just start writing on a piece of paper about whatever you have read on that day or earlier. That’s the way that works!

What Blitz IAS provides

Like a good partner, we assist you, support you and direct you the right way. The Blitz IAS has very quickly earned a name in the coaching arena because the difference the aspirants feel which give them enough confidence of cracking this most sought after the exam. Our experienced tutors take students through answer writing exercise as a part of the core strategy of preparation.

·        Proper and critical evaluation of answers

·        Right guidance specific to the student’s writing style

·        More than sufficient writing practice just to make sure it becomes a habit

·        Doubt clearance with model answers

·        Individual attention

Come, Join Blitz IAS, prepare well in advance and march toward your aim confidently!


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