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Subodh testimonial

Hailing from IIT does not mean you have inbuilt analysing and writing skills. To develop the same one has to be consistent and coordinated. Consistent in writing answers & coordinated with teachers. I really appreciates the efforts made by the faculties of Blitz IAS, particularly in writing answers for the mains. It not only provoked me to write more and more answers but also helped me in understanding the demand of the questions. 

Every IAS aspirant out there is greatly concerned about ‘answer writing’ in the Mains of Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by UPSC. Those candidates who excel answer writing and have command over the relevant skills, generally pass this elite exam. Thus, how much you read and remember does not matter but how you present your knowledge that too in a proper way and convincing manner does matter the most. An art of answer writing hence has to be paid great and serious attention if you are aiming for the top notch jobs in our country.

Most of the time, we hear in IAS aspirants community that –

        “I had knowledge of what was asked in that particular question but I couldn’t write effectively on the paper…

        “I attempted the paper very well but didn’t qualify for personality test…

        “Had I practiced answer writing well before the mains exam, I would have earned a few more marks and good rank too in a final list…, etc.

You also must have developed such type of thoughts if you have appeared for mains earlier. Cracking Preliminary Test is literally a primary step; it’s just segregation of serious and non-serious aspirants. The ‘Mains’ is the main exam in itself and answer writing is a major of it.

You must scroll down for our ” Answer writing page ” of this website.