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Blitz IAS nurtures the roots to make a strong foundation for the candidate. Our experience says ‘the more you invest in NCERTs, the better returns you get. Hence, we have crafted our fundamental module, keeping NCERT books of class 6th to 12th in the center.

One must chose an UPSC institute very cautiously. Make sure it has something for NCERTs.

Bipin Ambedkar ( Asst. Commandant, 2019 )

Soon after the orientation session , our NCERTs expert conducts subject wise & class wise interactive sessions on most important NCERTs. The manner in which the module is conducted, gives a holistic & lucid touch to the preparation. Candidates gains interest in reading NCERTs and their answer writing skills also get develop.

Blitz IAS is the only institute in the region, that conducts NCERTs test in a phased manner. The tests are MCQs based , truly simulated with UPSC civil services preliminary exam.

Here is the list of most important NCERTs for IAS exam :

  1. Indian constitution at work (new) – Class XI
  2. Politics in India since independence (new) – Class XII
  3. Ancient India (old) – Class XI
  4. Medieval India (old) – Class XI
  5. Modern India (old) – Class VIII
  6. Modern India (old) – Class XII
  7. Indian Economic development (new) – Class XI
  8. Fundamentals of physical geography (new) – Class XI
  9. India physical environment (new) – Class XI
  10. India people and economy (new) – Class XII

To download the pdf of above ncert books :