Preliminary Exam Course.

The Story

Ajitesh, an engineer, jumped into the preparation of civil services in mid-2013 and joined one of the premier institutes in Pune. He was from the humanities background and thus maintained and upgraded his knowledge about various subjects for the Civil Services Examination. Preparing from one of the prestigious institutions really helped him in augmenting his knowledge about syllabus, concepts, and answer writing essentials. He acquired excellent command over the mains exam. No doubt, the speculations over his success were very high.

But when he wrote his first PT exam, he didn’t qualify, leaving him into a distressed situation.

In the next attempt, when he again fell short of cut off marks in PT exam, he joined a private company to support his preparation. Thereafter, year after year, he marked his presence in the exam hall without a proper framework for Prelims.

Do you know…What went wrong for Ajitesh?

It’s the lack of strategy for the prelims that went into the failure for a serious aspirant like Ajitesh. There is a need to look into the fact that preparation of mains examination alone cannot produce the desired result,
But the equal robust strategy for prelims and mains is needed.

Our past experiences taught us to keep the Preliminary Exam in the same court as that of Mains for the battlefield of Civil Services.

The reasons behind this approach has its own positive implications;
First, the exhaustive coverage of the syllabus keeping in mind a comprehensive approach towards both prelims and mains will help aspirants to come at a position where they will start believing that they will clear exam easily.

Second, clearing the prelims has some psychological implications too. It motivates the aspirant for the rest of the phases of exam and reduces the stigma associated with the exam regarding age factor, no. of attempts and so on.

Blitz IAS, takes prelims exam as a matter of utmost importance. Our courses are crafted in such a manner that our team ensures an integrated mode of preparation, where simultaneous focus is provided on the prelims and mains exams.

NCERT prelims tests before the commencement of the classes and their discussions are not only the hallmark prelims preparation but also something distinct, fear reliever and proved – efficient for the aspirants.

Integrated tests after the completion of course, ensure confidence building, before going to the final examination.

Features Regular and Weekend Program 

• 12 NCERT tests
• 10 integrated simulated tests (including current affairs)
• Government policies and programs session.
• Economic Survey & Union Budget session.
• 4 Map study sessions for Geography & Environment
• Sessions on Important Reports and Indices
• Sessions on Important Conventions, Treaties, and Protocols, Important organizations of India & World.


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